• Around 1998 two musicians met each other at a venue where they were performing each with their own project. Because they both like electronic music, it was obvious that they would collaborate in the same project called Propulsion. Not much later, in 1999, their first demo ‘No Angel’ containing 8 tracks was released. In that same year they were selected (out of approx. 250 bands) to participate in a contest together with several other bands for the Eurorock Sonic Seducer Festival at Neerpelt, which they finally won. In the summer of 2000 they played at the main stage of this festival. They released their first full cd named ‘Extended Play’ containing 11 tracks. In 2001 they were selected (out of approx. 600 bands) with 7 other bands by ‘Debuutrock’ as one of the best newcoming bands in Belgium.
  • Frank joined us for live performances on V-drums back in 2001. Sadly, he died, by a stupid accident at home, in December 2011. He was 46 and father of three children...
  • In 1999 Propulsion was one of the first Belgian electro-bands, whom used on stage live video-projections with a highpower beamer and special (Belgian) VJ-software.
  • In April 2001 they played at ‘Vooruit’, an important venue where many well-known bands had performed before. With their track called ‘No Angel’ released on the Debuutrock CD, they had airplay on radio Studio Brussel (national ‘alternative’ radio). Many gigs followed all over, mostly, the Flemish part of Belgium and even abroad at the Netherlands.
  • Finally in 2013, they were asked to release an album on the Mutant-E Records label. This album is called 'DECATRONICS' and gives you an overview of songs they made during the last decade. Some tracks were remastered or remixed and the album was completed with some new tracks as well.
  • A while ago, someone said that Propulsion is unfortunately the most underrated Belgian band in the Electro/EBM-scene (sic)... You can find some songs of us on Soundcloud. The album 'DECATRONICS' on Spotify and some video's on Youtube.
  • In December 2015 Propulsion's new track 'Evil' was selected (out of 3118 submissions...) by Side-Line Magazine for the compalition 'Face The Beat: Session 3'. The free compilation powered by Side-Line Magazine is available on Bandcamp. Side-Line Magazine Bandcamp 'Face The Beat: Session 3'
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